Key facts

  • Health checks are an important means of raising awareness about health issues and reducing barriers to employees accessing health services due to full-time work, overtime and commuting
  • Over 5 million Australian employees are overweight and over 1 million are obese
  • As obese people age, sick leave increases at twice the rate of those who are not
  • The total economic cost of work-related injury and illness is over $50 billion p.a
  • Problems with sleep underlie 70% of GP visits and cost the economy more than $10 billion p.a
  • A person who is fatigued is 3 times more likely to suffer a work related injury
  • Around 4% of all employees have undiagnosed diabetes, costing their employer around $4,000 p.a due to illlness

Source: National Male Health Policy Canberra 2010.