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preventionXpress (pXs) has 10 years demonstrated experience in the delivery of preventative health strategies through the provision of confidential health checks. pXs works with both corporate and government clients to improve the health and wellbeing of their workforce, and communities. Established in 2002, pXs was one of the first companies in Australia to pioneer rapid, convenient and confidential preventative health screening processes in a range of workplace and community settings.

Each health check takes 10 minutes, with immediate, personalised health feedback provided to individuals, based on the results of their health screen. By participating in health screens, individuals learn more about their risk of preventable diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Additionally, the screens highlight risk factors that impact upon personal health, such as alcohol, tobacco, balanced diet, regular physical activity, effective sleep patterns, fatigue, and psychological health and wellbeing.

pXs uses the latest digital and wireless technology to deliver interactive screening. Touch-screen tablets, kiosks, or desktop computers interface with our secure website to allow screening in any setting nation-wide.


pXs' mission is to bring to the community innovative solutions, which will improve people's lives and return value to stakeholders through increasing healthcare efficiency and provision and delivery.


pXs' vision is to leverage its partnership work (PIRI IBAS, SpineData Denmark, beyondblue) in population health screening, utilising technology to deliver meaningful, measurable, real-time screening informatics cost-effectively to all stakeholders.


pXs was established in 2002 to focus exclusively on the development of population screening utilising touch-screen technology and mobile communications to deliver real-time screening outcomes for participants and practitioners.

pXs has partnered with a number of workplaces to screen employees for preventable diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. These workplaces include AusGrid (formerly Energy Australia), the Transport Workers Union, and local governments.

Our experiences of population health screening utilising touch-screen technology has shown that using self-administered screening tools and subsequent analysis has aided in diagnosing and identifying people at risk of reduced health status and generally encouraging people to increase their self awareness of their health status.